A 6 day holistic approach to entrepreneurial development, combining business success with personal growth and social impact.

Participants benefit from a diverse range of learning experiences, expert mentorship, and networking opportunities in beautiful and culturally rich Bali.

Design Your Life, Amplify Your Impact, and Create a Predictable Revenue Stream in just 6 days!


iLAB is a life-changing experience, where participants discover their greater purpose, connect with their identity, find their natural flow, master their market and monetise their business through profitable promotions, potentially generating 5 x ROI whilst at iLab or within 3-6 months of finishing iLAB.

Something magical happens when a small tribe of entrepreneurs come together; shared values, exponential energy, inspired implementation, business connections and lifelong friendships always develop.

Beyond business success, this iLAB Program recognises the importance of making a meaningful impact in the world.


As a participant you are encouraged to align your business with your personal values and social responsibility. You will gain the knowledge and resources to create positive change and contribute in the best way so that you are able to leave a legacy for future generations.

This program emphasises the significance of holistic success, where financial prosperity goes hand in hand with making a difference.

You will definitely complete this iLAB Program equipped to make a lasting impact and leave a meaningful legacy.

Collaborate and Succeed with our
Global Community of Change-Makers

iLAB Entrepreneur Retreat Program Ideal For


For new entrepreneurs with great ideas seeking guidance.


Assistance for enterprises ready to expand into new locations or segments.

Unlock your full potential as an entrepreneur with iLAB, our program is tailored to help you solve your current challenges and take your business to the next level


Transformative Experience:

Carefully curated curriculum for insights, strategies, and practical tools. Tailored for entrepreneurs aspiring to elevate their businesses.

Holistic Success:

Emphasis on aligning business with personal values and social responsibility. Focus on financial prosperity coupled with making a positive impact.

Global Community:

Collaboration opportunities with a global community of change-makers. Networking and collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs.

Based on Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Lighthouse,
iLAB focuses on these 5 key fundamentals


Design the Life of Your Dreams

Create a business supporting the desired lifestyle.

Intentional design for wealth, health, energy, relationships, and social impact.


Managing Flow

Tap into natural flow for optimal use of time, energy, and resources.

Clarity on leveraging natural path and rhythm for success.


Discover Your Identity

Develop a winning market position for ongoing attraction.

Master identity to create effective positioning.


Master Your Market

Attract flow and opportunities consistently.

Build products, partnerships, services, and systems for a world-class business.


Monetise Your Moment

Apply testing and measuring processes for ongoing improvements.

Create effective promotions for consistent results and income.


Take the first step towards entrepreneurial success.
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This amazing destination offers a unique and vibrant environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and personal growth, making it one of the best places to expand your entrepreneurial knowledge in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Learn from World-Class Mentors

Donna Izobella

Lead Mentor Entrepreneurs Institute

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Upcoming iLAB Events

BALI   18-25th February 2024

LIVE IN PERSON: Vision Villas, Bali
Duration: 7 Nights, 6 days incl accommodation, meals and transfers
Participants: Entrepreneurs, startups & scaleups
Focus: Entrepreneurial success, potential unleashing, life design, impact amplification, and creating a predictable revenue stream.

Additional Extras! * please contact our team for additional information

  • Extend stay shared room - breakfast included: $55 ++/night

  • Extend stay single occupancy - breakfast included $97 ++/night

  • Floating Breakfast $25++/pax

  • Sababay Winery Tour $12.50++/pax

  • Cooking class $40++/pax

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